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Who We Are

You deserve to glow on the inside and the outside.
Sunless Beauty is a trendsetter in the Beverly Hills tanning culture.
No UV Rays. No harmful chemicals. Just a beautiful, natural tan.

Bronze is for the Iron Age. We know the importance of feeling comfortable in your skin, and that’s why we’re here. With us, it’s more than just a spray tan – it’s a custom service that enhances your natural beauty through a healthy glow.

You love the benefits of the sun, but did you know that sunscreen isn’t enough? Wrinkles and skin cancer are still risks. The good news is that Sunless Beauty delivers a beautiful, lasting glow without the harmful damage of UV rays or toxic chemicals.

We’ve raised spray tanning to the next level. Enjoy accurate contouring, many tan shade options, and an organic solutions that complements your skin tones.

Sunless Beauty Tans
Sunless Beauty Tans

About Us

On location and in-home services are available for Beverly Hill – Visit www.sunlessbeautytans.com to book into our studios or for a mobile service in the Los Angeles Area.

Our mission is to provide an excellent customer experience by using precise spray tanning techniques with Sunless Beauty® tanning solution. The Sunless Beauty® tanning solution is plant based, natural, non-toxic, and UV free and considered one of the best airbrush tanning solutions on the market.

As a Sunless Beauty® Professional we provide luxurious customized tanning services for Brides, Models, Celebrities, Body Builders, Dancers, Pageant Delegates and anyone who wants a beautifully bronzed tan. Request our mobile service in Beverly Hills and we will tan you flawlessly and beautifully.

Book online now, and save time!

General FAQ’s

Common questions and answers about Spray Tanning.

When should I book my appointment at Sunless Beauty in Beverly Hills?

We recommend aiming to schedule your appointment 24-48 hours before your event or special occasion. As part of our service, we’ll customize the color to complement your natural skin tones. We also teach you practical tips to extend the life of your organic spray tan.

What is spray tanning and why should I get it?

Spray tanning is a form of tanning where a mist is sprayed onto your body. The ingredient Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) interacts with your skin to tan it without the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Is Spray Tanning Healthy?

Sunless Beauty in Beverly Hill’s professional studio salon and mobile services use an organic, UV free, paraben free and cruelty free tanning spray. You can enjoy a lasting, beautiful glow without the dangers of harmful UV rays or toxic chemicals.

Can I Spray Tan if I'm Pregnant?

We suggest that moms-to-be consult with their physician first. Need an ingredients list for your physician to review? Just let us know! Sunless Beauty of Beverly Hills is the leading choice for a natural glow without harmful UV rays or toxic chemicals.

How to Prepare

What you do before and after your appointment
will directly affect the final results.


Hair removal (waxing and shaving) as well as manicures and pedicures should be done at least 24 hours prior to your spray tan session in Beverly Hills.


24 to 48 hours before your session, use a dry brush or dry loofah to exfoliate your body. Avoid using sugary scrubs, oily exfoliators or soaps that contain moisturizers.


Come to your appointment with clean and dry skin for optimal results. Please do not apply lotions, deodorants, makeup or perfumes beforehand. If you do not have time for a shower, we have a “Shower Mitt” ($10) available.


In a swimsuit or undergarments that you want to tan in. We also have disposable undergarments available for your purchase.


Dark, lose-fitting clothing and flip-flops after your session. Don’t wear clothes
with elastic waists or bust lines such as sweat pants, jeans, shorts or spandex.


Speak with your artist about what’s best for your skin type. Some people will be able to sleep with the product on, and then rinse in the shower the following morning. We have 2-6 hour rapid tan and rinse solutions available as well.

After Your Spray Tan

After your spray tanning session, moisturize two to three times daily to keep your skin in healthy condition. We carry a specially formulated PROLONG moisturizer. Try to avoid saunas, pools and hot tubs, all of which will fade your tan quicker, as well as sweating within 24-hours of your spray tan. For best results, use our specially formulated cleansers, moisturizers and Bronzing Products to maintain the integrity of your glow.